This course provides essential knowledge and skills required for pharmaceutical calculations including the application of units, equations, and formulas frequently used in the determination of the dose and quantitation of the ingredients for compounding or manufacturing. This course does not include the calculations pertaining to pharmacokinetics. This 2-credit-hr course will cover the essential sections and topics of pharmacy calculation ranging from foundational concepts to application of multi-step calculation skills demonstrating more mature knowledge.

This course begins with a study of the history of pharmacy and the role of pharmacy in US healthcare systems.  It provides an overview of the US healthcare system, its payment models, and their impact on pharmacy practice.

This course emphasizes the importance of communication in contemporary pharmacy practice; students are assessed and evaluated in both oral and written formats. Course content includes study of various aspects of communication associated with pharmacy practice. The course also introduces professional ethics and healthcare ethics in contemporary pharmacy practice. 

The course leads students to study the basic concepts of biostatistics and study design; the evaluation of drug literature; and searching and retrieving the clinical and basic science literature. The students will develop methods to abstract and communicate pertinent information in a concise and professional manner